Health & Fighting Qigong

Rejuvenate and revitalize the body with ancient Qigong methods.

The Grand Circle

Advanced Qigong, Energy Flow, Microcosmic Orbit, Standing Meditation and More.

Internal & External Kung Fu

Powerful and devastating Kung Fu methods and techniques.

Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set

The hidden treasure of Monkey Fist Door.

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Learn the first elemental core stance called Squatting Monkey and start developing and accumulating internal energy in your body. Learn the deep-rooted symbolism and methods of the ancient qigong society.

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About the Masters

These courses were made possible thanks to the partnership between the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan and VAHVA Fitness. You can expect the highest quality not in just terms of teaching (Jiang Yu Shan) but also in terms of production (VAHVA Fitness).

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan

Awarded 9th Dan (Grandmaster) by the Chinese Kung Fu society due to his skill, contribution and excellent reputation, Jiang Yu Shan (江玉山, Hisham Al-Haroun) is a master with credentials and background very few if anyone can match. To learn more about him, please watch the video.

Teacher Eero Westerberg

Eero Westerberg is a world-renowned strength coach, human physique & movement specialist and a student of Jiang Yu Shan. Traveling the world for over 4 years seeking the best teachers in the world of training (while being a teacher himself) eventually led him to meet Jiang Yu Shan in a smaller city of Taiwan.

General FAQ

Which course should i start with?

Either Internal & External Kung Fu or Health & Fighting Qigong course are great courses to start with. Choose the one you like the most and has the most use for your life.

Only for Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set you should first learn the fundamentals that are covered in Health & Fighting Qigong course. 

How can I contact you? Do you offer a bundle?

You can contact our support here for questions.

We offer bundle discounts in case you are interested in purchasing several courses at once. The more courses you get at once, the bigger the discount. We don't provide bundle discounts for subscriptions.

Please contact us here for more details and tell us which courses you would like to get.

Is there overlap between the courses?

Each course is very unique and different in terms of content. Depending on the course, there is very little to no overlap between the courses (less than 5% depending on the course).

Each course also emphasizes different areas. Many of the courses support each other. For example, the breathing methods you will learn in Health & Fighting Qigong will be useful for all the other courses.

why are the courses priced differently?

The prices are set by the master and are based on the depth, rarity and value of the information and content. The master is also one of the highest ranked grandmasters in the world with a very rare and special skillset.

Internal & External Kung Fu course has both basic and advanced elements and covers technical fighting techniques, tactics and movements. 

In addition, the course covers a bit of high level Qigong (Fundamental Stances) and Harden Bone Wood Element hardening method which is very precious and useful knowledge, especially with the medicine.

Internal & External Kung Fu course has incredible value for any Kung Fu and Martial Arts enthusiast. The course is primarily about fighting, self-defence and kung fu. 

Health & Fighting Qigong Course has ancient, advanced, profound and life-changing techniques and information to enhance your life.

Health & Fighting Qigong course can have drastic benefits for anyone regardless of their age, gender or background. For health professionals, it's top tier education when it comes to the holistic health practices of the East.

Health & Fighting Qigong covers body and mind strengthening methods that are useful for daily life, fitness, martial arts, sports and work/business.

The Grand Circle course is the holy grail for people who want advanced qigong and are interested in Eastern spirituality. This course covers the most theory and is a good sequel to Health & Fighting Qigong.

Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set is the most kept secret of Monkey Fist Door and one of the highest forms of Fighting Qigong one can learn and practice.

The Monkey Qigong is pure art and should be treated as such. Witnessing and practicing the form is a privilege.

Regarding the pricing, here is what one of Jiang Yu Shan's disciplines had to say inside our Facebook group:

what are the credentials of the master

You can learn more about the master by watching the video above or reading this article.

The master is a 9th dan grandmaster with 40 years of experience in the art of Kung Fu. His credentials and accomplishments are too long to list here which is why we recommend watching the video and reading the article.

Here is the official Dan (or Duan) system in Asia:

教練 First DAN Blackbelt to third DAN Blackbelt

師傅 Blackbelt 4th DAN to 6th DAN

大師 Blackbelt 7th DAN to 8th DAN

宗師 Blackbelt , Redbelt 9th DAN to 10th DAN

How do I progress with the courses?

For people who are new to Qigong and Kung Fu, you should definitely start with:

1. Health & Fighting Qigong

2. Internal & External Kung Fu

Either one is a great course to start with. However, these courses also offer amazing knowledge for experienced individuals. Masters with decades of experience have been impressed with these courses.

For people who have the Health & Fighting Qigong or have prior experience in Qigong/Kung Fu, then these two courses offer very advanced and in depth knowledge and methods:

1. The Grand Circle (Health Qigong)

2. Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set (Fighting Qigong)


After spending a significant amount of time listening, watching and learning from Sifu Jiang I know I've only really scratched the surface of what he has to offer. The information provided in this course has been only privy to a chosen few and I'm incredibly happy that more people can now experience real kung fu from Taiwan's famous "Monkey Boxer"!

Sifu Vik Hothi, UK

The true teachings of Kung Fu and Neigong are very hard to find in the western world, people end up simply repeating the empty words of other people, speaking high words but lacking in substance. In the internet age the deeper levels of the teaching are often misunderstood, limited or twisted, not out of spite but out of ignorance.

It is a great joy to see important parts of the real authentic system made available online for Qiqong enthusiasts around the world. Taught by a strong fighter and a man of accomplishment and true knowledge of the ancient skills.

Henning Daverne, DK
Master of Meditation
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