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Eero Recorded Three Hours of Video Breaking Down ALL 54 Lessons + 10 Bonus Lessons So That You Can Understand These Concepts At A Master And Grandmaster Level. Here's How To Get Access:

$97 $197

** Limited time offer! Don't miss this chance! **

Ancient Qigong MasterClass:
- Get a deep understanding of ancient qigong and what it can do for you

- Eero explains and expands on each lesson with lots of additional knowledge

- 10 secret bonus lessons (not part of the PDF) included that go deeper and are more exclusive in nature

- Decades of wisdom from the grandmaster

- 4 years of experience of master Eero Westerberg working together with grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan

- In total over 3 hours of video, around 2-5 minutes per lesson

Back story:

In 2018, I decided to travel to Taiwan with Samuli and learn from a grandmaster who at the time mostly had presence in the Chinese media.

This man was Jiang Yu Shan who you probably already know a lot about.

I couldn't even fathom the amount and richness of wisdom and knowledge the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan possessed.

The first trip started a long relationship that has lasted for 4+ years.

Eventually, I got awarded my 1st Dan black belt under the grandmaster's system in qigong and self-defence. I have visited Taiwan 4 times learning from the master, spending months in total, not to mention the countless phone and video calls we have had. 

Over the years I have accumulated lots of knowledge and today I would like to share it with you.

You already got the notes (bullet points) in your email which alone should be valuable for you. But you can only learn so much from bullet points and from text format in general.

That's why I decided to record a 3 hour video where I explain every single lesson and expand on them based on my own practice and numerous stories and experiences I've had with the master.

The recording turned out great and you will be getting a massive amount of knowledge.

Normally, this amount of knowledge would take 4 years minimum (I like to think I learn faster than most people due to my vast experience and background in physical fitness) and lots of time and resources.

Today, all of this information is available for you. This offer is only available on this page exclusively for you since you signed up for the notes. 

The price is only $97 instead of $197 and if you are interested in ancient knowledge and you are serious about improving your health, vitality, strength or martial ability, then these lessons should be pure gold.

I can assure the video will be better than you expect, I share a lot more in the video and stories/ideas I have never shared anywhere else. It's really 3 hours of hard hitting information one lesson after another.

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